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About WAX mobile detailing

About WAX Mobile Detailing App Screens

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Mobile detailing at the touch of a button

The WAX app was designed to bring trustworthy, high-quality mobile detailing to the modern world. The days of planning your week around your detailing appointment are over. No more asking around for mobile technician referrals. No more leaving your car at the detailing shop for weeks. Just professional, reliable work at the touch of a button.

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The WAX App Assurance

Each of our mobile detailing technicians are put through a vetting and training process to ensure they meet the WAX mobile detailing standard. Additionally, YOU can leave feedback and ratings for each technician and for each service you book through the app. This helps us keep only the highest level of professionals working for the WAX brand.

Because of our streamlined business model and booking process, we are able to offer high quality services at competitive pricing. We offer a variety of services to meet all your detailing needs, ranging from interior deep cleans to ceramic coats.

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